Stroller safety

Take a look at some videos below to know why we need to care about stroller safety.

KCAL 9 News baby stroller accident May 22, 2011

Stroller Safety Tips

Please read carefully these tips to keep you and your kid safe while walking:

  • Continuously secure your youngster with the outfit when utilizing the stroller.
  • Never leave a youngster in a stroller unattended.
  • Perused your stroller’s client control before utilization.
  • Verify your kid fits inside the stroller maker’s weight, and stature necessities.
  • Continuously verify the stroller is completely open and bolted before utilization.
  • Register your stroller with the maker so they can advise you in the occasion of a review or security notice.
  • At the point when utilizing a stroller with connections, for example, a baby auto seat, bassinet, or separable seat, dependably verify the connections are safely bolted into spot.
  • Keep in mind to set the stopping brake when the stroller is not moving. Check the brakes on the stroller intermittently to guarantee that they’re working accurately.
  • Never utilize a stroller on stairs or a lift.
  • Keep your youngster far from the stroller when collapsing or unfolding it.
  • Don’t hang or spot things, including a tote or diaper sack, on the handle or casing of a stroller unless sanction by the producer, as this may cause the stroller to end up lopsided and tip over.
  • Don’t permit youngsters to hop on or play with the stroller.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has sanction new government obligatory wellbeing benchmarks for carriages and strollers. The new standard locations stroller head ensnarement, broken wheels, stopping brake disappointments, locking instrument issues, limitation issues, for example, a tyke unfastening the restriction and restriction breakage or separation, and pivot issues, for example, squeezing and removals. CPSC has gotten around 1,300 episode reports identified with strollers reported from January 1, 2008 through June 30, 2013. Four of those occurrences included a casualty. The new standard will produce results in September 2015. Take in more about the new standard on the CPSC Web webpage.


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