Check list – What Will You Need For Twins?

For a couple, birth of twin babies can be a blessing and a burden on their income at the same time. They have to buy car seats, clothes and cribs in pairs for their two toddlers. Even they have to buy more a hundred and fifty diapers in a week for their new born babies. The parents who are expecting twins or triplets have to manage more things in their homes before the arrival of their babies compared to the parents who are expecting twins. The experts suggest that such parents have to assess their finances, note down their priorities and then start to purchase items during the third trimester, since the twin babies are usually expected to arrive earlier. Such practicality is expected from the parents who are expecting twins as to buy only necessary pair of items without going into unnecessary shopping in bulk. Since you will have to purchase a lot of products in pairs later on, you can look for the basic necessities in bulk earlier from secondhand stores. Your friends or garage sales can also lend you some items that are in good condition and can be used for long. However some equipment like car seats should be bought new. Used car seats might not be that much comfortable for your twins as the new ones would be.


Decisions that should be made earlier:

When you are expecting multiples, then you will some early decisions like:

  • Single room for the twins or individual rooms for each baby?
  • Clothes and other accessories should be matching for the twins or not?
  • Front-back stroller should be bought or side-by-side stroller should be preferred?
  • Milk bottles should be purchased or breast feeding would be a good option?
  • Cloth diapers or disposable diapers should be used?

The parents who are expecting twins have to make some lifetime decisions regarding home prepping and stocking. So, we have discussed such issues for the parents that must be addressed before the arrival of the twins.

Room Planning

Since you are expecting twin babies, you will be having every cribs, sheet sets, mobiles and bumpers, all in pairs. There will be a separate bed, separate diaper stash, wipe and ointment for each baby. So, you will have to decide if you can arrange all these things in a single bedroom or you need to decorate two bedrooms.

Matching Clothing and other accessories

Usually the parents expecting twins buy matching clothing and other accessories for their babies. It seems pretty cute but another wise suggestion would be to buy different variety of clothes for each baby. In this way, you can interchange their outfits for a variety and it will also assist you to keep your budget under control.

Feeding options

You can either go for bottle feeding or you can prefer breast feeding for your twins. If you are planning for breastfeeding your twins, you will have to buy a pair of breastfeeding cushions for the two babies. Another good option is a nursing pillow to feed the twins at a same time. Popular nursing pillow brands include Anna Double Nursing Pillow, EZ 2 Nurse Pillow and Nurse Mate Pillow.

Instead of breastfeeding, if you feel convenience in bottle feeding, you will have to purchase bottles in double amount and wash them on and off. You can seek experts’ advice regarding the formula manufacturers and the bottle suppliers. This can also help you to get to know about discounts on formula milk packs and bottles.

Choosing the Best Twin Strollers

719u0flQwnL._SL1260_-200x300For parents, buying a quality stroller that performs quite well for years is not an easy task. And when you have to buy strollers for twins, you will have to make wise decisions before purchasing a twins’ stroller. Some twin strollers perform well on rugged paths, while some modern strollers are well suited for sidewalks and shopping malls. Some quality double strollers are a bit expensive compared to the price of two single strollers. So, if you are tight on budget to buy a best stroller for twins, you can buy two single strollers and pair them up with special equipment available in the market at quite reasonable price. You should purchase a twin stroller for your babies by keeping in mind the areas that you would like to visit your babies with in the stroller like Disney World, parks, zoo or malls. Since you will have to look after two babies of same age at a same time, buying a right stroller will be a challenge for you.

According to experts, for the safety and convenience of your babies, you should make some budget for the stroller. It is the product that you would like to use for a long time during your outings with the babies. So, it would be better to spare some extra money for durable and comfortable piece for your babies. And when you have to buy a stroller for twins, you should go for longer and stronger strollers with tough wheels.

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller unboxing video.

Variety of strollers is available in the market for twins with variant features. You can select from side-to-side double stroller or a front-back stroller depending upon which you can maneuver easily. That stroller should be selected which is easy to steer even on sturdy roads. Buy a stroller with a large canopy to protect your twins from the sunlight. You can also look for strollers that have some added features like side-pockets, adjustable food trays, attachable fans and storage basket according to your needs and comfort. Double strollers with a number of features are available in the market in the price range of $200-$500. Triple strollers are a bit more costly.

For more information, your can refer The Twin Stroller blog to find out the best meet your demand stroller.

Infant Packs and Seats

The parents who are expecting twins can buy such baby packs which offer to carry one baby on front and other on back. Another option is to use a single baby pack with combination of infant car seat, if you cannot carry that much weight of twin babies at a time. Usually infant seats can be used in cars as well as in homes to carry twins easily around.



Buying diapers for twins can be heavy dent on your budget. A better suggestion would be to purchase diapers from stores which offer discounts and you can stock up a big amount during sale.


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